Castle Vigla Studios and Apartments in Leros, Greece - Vromolithos


Castle Vigla is 1.5 km away from Lakki, Lero's central port and 5 km away from Platanos, this complex connects to the rest of the island with an excellent road network. There is daily ferry connection with Piraeus-Patmos-Kalymnos-Kos-Rhodes and air connection with Athens, Patmos, Astypalaia and other islands.

There is a 200m path that starts from Castle Vigla and ends to a small, quiet and beautiful bay.

Other nearby beaches, organized or not, are located at 500m (Vourlidia-Tourkopigado), 800m (Velanidia), 1000m (Vromolithos). Tourists can take daily boat tours to close small islands (Lipsi, Arkioi, Agathonisi, Marathi, Aspronisia tc).